Our Engagement Story

Haven’t written in a while so I figured I would write about one of the most memorable and unforgettable moments of my life.. our engagement.

It all started with a trip to Italy. It was the first time J had ever been to Italy and to visit my hometown located smack dab in the middle of Italy and in the middle of mountains. This was where I was born and grew up until my sister and I left for America with our mother. Our town is unique In a variety of ways, but to me it is particularly special because it holds my favorite place in the entire world. On top of the main Mountain in our small town lies a castel that was bombed and destroyed during WWII; however, through all the wars and earthquakes it had undergone, it has managed to retain one tower. From the center of town to the top of the tower takes about 1.5 hours to reach. It’s my favorite place earth because I remember going up that mountain with my father but also because once you reach the top you can’t help but smile because of how georgeous the surrounding view is. In that moment your speechless because of the beauty that surrounds you.

When we arrived to Italy it rained for several days. This postponed our climb up the mountain and to the tower. Finally the rain had stopped and we prepared to make the walk uphill to reach the top. There was a group of us that decided to make this journey together. This group consisted of my sister el, my boyfriend at the time J, my two Italian friends and myself. The five of us took off and began the brutal walk uphill in the summer heat. Although tretorous, the climb was equally beautiful. As you get higher and higher you begin to see the little town where we came from fade off into the distance. It’s was a georgeous sight with ever growing anticipation to reach the top.

After about 1.5 hours we reached the final climb; the stone steps up to the tower. I let everyone go ahead of me and when we finally got up there it felt as though a breath of fresh air had just hit me. It was just as I remembered and more beautiful than ever having shared it with my significant other. We stayed a while and chatted as we took in the view. I stepped next to j and joked with him saying “this would have been the perfect spot to ask me” he joked back saying “yeah it sure would have”.
Our time was up and everyone began to make their way down the tower steps back to earth. Oddly enough I was being blocked out making me second to last in line to walk down the steps. Just as I reached the first step I felt a pull on my arm and j said “little did you know that I did have something planned” thinking it was a joke I gave him a playful shove and said “not funny” as I once again tried to make my way down the steps. To my surprise I felt another tug on my arm as J pulled me back and had a ring in his hand up to my face saying “I’m not joking”. Shocked and wordless I stood there looking at him as he got on one knee and said “Elisa, I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.. will you marry me?” I smiled (still speechless) grabbed his shoulders to stand him up and said “give me a hug”. He did just that as I said “why do you look so nervous?”. He responded “because you haven’t given me and answer yet” and just like that I said “of course I will”. And so began a new chapter in our lives.

All I could do after was smile. As we walked down the tower my sister had a handful of wild flowers picked ready to hand me. Our excitement was enormous as we ran hand in hand down the moutinain side back to earth.. I don’t think anything in my life has been as picture perfect as the moments that followed and the unexplainable excitement and happiness that we felt running down the mountain. It was dreamy… it was a day I will never forget.